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I am a Software Developer based out of Bangalore. I love to break, understand and recreate stuff in my own way. I love web development.
I specialise in Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Elasticsearch. I also do a lot of designing in HTML and CSS.
Side hobbies include working on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and trying to cook somehting in Machine Learning.

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Helping doctors manage patients and medical records better by building Practo Ray. Currently serving as Development Team Lead for Practo Ray.

Previous works

Sudoku Quest, Gummy Gush (In Production),, Alvin (Early Dev Stages), (discontinued after legal notice from Whatsapp),

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I am open for projects, freelancing, consultation in the lines of Full Stack Web Development, Elasticsearch Development. I would be really interested in developing fuzzy Search engines and NLP (Natural Language Processing) solutions for consumer faced products.

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